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Peer Norbäck,

Founder of Demoex (2000)

"Principles of Digital Democracy shows how technology is a source of hope and a powerful tool to be harnessed. The book provides powerful case studies of how tech is being used in different settings, not just to protect democracy, but to reimagine democracy as a rolling iterative collaborative process of active citizen engagement."

Máirin Murray

Impact Innovator and Co-Founder

Tech for Good Dublin

"In a field dominated by superficiality, Principles of Digital Democracy never fails to dig deeply into why we practice democracy the way we do. As comfortable with Rousseau and elections systems, as with mix-nets and blockchain, Fuller is the rare author who truly understands both tech and politics. Her insights are invaluable for anyone seeking to implement digital democracy today."

Adam Bennet

CEO, Red Piranha Cybersecurity

"You can read Principles of Digital Democracy both as a contemporary history of democracy or as a flight manual. Regardless, I think Fuller’s book will become a modern classic in democracy theory"


Dr. Roslyn Fuller is a leading expert on applying the original principles of Athenian Democracy to 21st century states and organisations. Based on over a decade of academic research, her ground-breaking book, Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed Its Meaning and Lost Its Purpose, has re-defined the modern theory of democracy. It has been praised as 'a timely and provocative look behind the clichés of Western politics' (Fintan O'Toole, Irish Times) and 'the inside story of the slow death of democracy' (Nick Davies, The Guardian). Having lectured in International Law in Ireland, Roslyn is now a regular commentator in leading international publications including Salon, The Nation, the LA Review of Books, Alternet and many more. She often comments on topics of international law, terrorism and democracy for international media such as the BBC, FT and the Toronto Star. As the Managing Director of the Solonian Democracy Institute, Roslyn studies how understanding Athenian democratic principles can transform decision-making processes and how this will affect our future society. Her research is regularly presented at leading international conferences.

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Should Brexit or Trump cause us to doubt our faith in democracy? Are ‘the people’ too ignorant or stupid to rule? Numerous commentators are seriously arguing that the answer to these questions might be ‘yes’.
In this take-no-prisoners book, Canadian-Irish author Roslyn Fuller kicks these anti-democrats where it hurts the most – the facts. 

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An extraordinary historical, political and philosophical work that is set to not only reconfigure our understanding of democracy, but to challenge the individualistic basis of the modern liberal politics.

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The first of its kind in Ireland, this textbook is designed to cover all major topics of international law from an Irish perspective.

Ireland’s relationship with international law is important both in terms of the nation’s past and its future

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A collection of short stories about Dublin by Irish authors as well as authors of other nationalities who have made Ireland their home. It aims to show the city of Dublin from many different views and how the same place can mean different things to different people.

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