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Roslyn Fuller

Roslyn Fuller is the world’s leading authority on infusing the ancient ideals of Athenian Democracy with the participatory potential of modern information technology.

Educated in Germany and Ireland with a PhD in International Law from Trinity College, Dublin, Roslyn’s experience as a lecturer, author, and political consultant has given her unique insights into structures of public governance and, above all, the mechanics of political power.

Having foreseen the current assault on democracy long before Brexit and Trump were household names, her relentless defence of people power has seen her articles and interviews published in countless newspapers and magazines.

Roslyn frequently speaks at conferences and universities around the world, sharing her vision of multiple, mutually-reinforcing democratic reforms first outlined in her ground-breaking and critically acclaimed book Beast and Gods: How Democracy Changed its Meaning and Lost its Purpose, an unflinching deconstruction of the myth of modern democracy and a road map to implementing real democracy in the age of the internet.

Once described as “the next Noam Chomsky”, Roslyn combines deep scientific research, a profound understanding of democratic history and cutting-edge information technology to chart a path towards a deeper, citizen-centric understanding of democracy.

Her research centre, the Solonian Democracy Institute, maps the emergence of democracy-enabling technologies and companies and hosts conferences which bring together the brightest minds in democratic innovation.

Putting some of her theories to the test, Roslyn has been running an online political participation exercise in parts of North Dublin as part of her Fuller Democracy campaign for public office.

A true "renaissance woman", Roslyn worked as a fine arts model during her university years, collaborating with some of Ireland's best known artists and photographers. She is credited with bringing the art of body painting to Ireland in 2012 and famously combined her politics and her art in 2013 for the Wikilicious calendar project in aid of whistle-blowers.

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