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As one of the foremost thinkers on the future of democracy, Dr. Fuller is regularly asked to speak at a variety of events around the world (keynotes, debates, panels).

An energetic and entertaining speaker, her unique mix of academic rigour and no-holds-barred system critique has gained her a wide following across the political spectrum.

For bookings, contact directly at fullerr@tcd.ie or through the general contact page.

Areas of expertise include: democracy; international relations; technology 

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International Social Theory Consortium

Dr. Roslyn Fuller presenting her paper ‘Structure, not Control: Capturing the Democratic Potential of Populist Movements’ at the 19th Annual Conference of the International Social Theory Consortium (Theme: Democracy in Crisis…Democracy in Peril?) - 2021

Full video here

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Asha Centre - Inspiring Speaker Series 

Dr. Roslyn Fuller speaking at the Engage! Inspiring Speakers series in 2022, organized by the Asha Centre in the UK. on her experience as an author, academic, media personality and political candidate. 


Global Policy Research Group Launch Event

Dr. Fuller discussing the idea of Citizens' Assemblies at the launch of the Global Policy Research Group on the theme of "Good Governance" - September 2022

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'From Public Square to Online Decisions: Principles of Digital Democracy'

Dr. Fuller speaking at the UCL Information Security Research Group, UK (2024) on why the debate over digital security should be moved from dealing exclusively with issues such as technical ballot security and misinformation, to exploring how we can increase security by reforming the democratic architecture itself.

Addendum to this presentation regarding misinformation based on questions from the audience here.  Watch the full video here.

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'The Challenges of Eurocentrism'

Dr. Fuller speaking as a panellist on ‘The Challenges of Eurocentrism’ at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (2023)


Watch the full video here.


'Sortition and the Undermining of Democracy'

A very short presentation on the contradictions between the citizens' assembly movement and democracy, with a quick look at funding patterns. Delivered at the Global Direct Democracy Forum 2023 in Mexico City.


Watch the full video here.


Book Symposium: Privatisation of Human Rights in Europe

Dr. Fuller participated in a symposium discussion on research exploring the substantial impact of private funding on European courts. The symposium focussed on the book European Human Rights Justice and Privatisation by Dr Gaetan Cliquennois and was hosted by Mathias Corvinus Collegium, Budapest

Watch the full video here

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International Festival of Digital Citizenship

Dr. Fuller speaking at the "Festival Internacional de Cidadania Digital" in Brazil on the topic of Digital Platforms and Collaborative Deliberation.


Watch the full interview with Bruno Madureira, Researcher at Centro Internacional de Pesquisa ATOPOS here.


Battle of Ideas 2021

Dr. Fuller speaking at the Battle of Ideas Satellite Event on the topic of "Apocalyticism in Modern Thought"


Watch the full discussion here or view the transcript of Roslyn's speech here.

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DemFest, Canberra

Dr. Fuller speaking on Digital Tools underpinning Democracy at DemFest 2021, organised by the Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy under the theme of of "Awakening Democracy".

Dr. Fuller's speech is available here (video / transcript) and the discussion and Q&A is available here.

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AHE Conference 2021

Dr. Fuller speaking on the weaknesses and flaws of the modern sortition movement at the 23rd Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

The transcript of Dr. Fuller's speech is available here and the full video is available here.


Lewis&Clark, Oregon

Dr. Fuller debating Prof. Samuel Woolley at the 59th Annual International Affairs Symposium at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon on the question of "The Digital Dilemma: Does the Web Empower or Overload the Individual?" (chaired by Prof. Tung Yin)


Full video available here


Classics Society, UCD

Dr. Fuller delivering a lecture to the Classics Society at University College Dublin on Classical Athens & 21st Century Populism.


Imagine! Belfast 2021

Dr. Fuller speaking at the Imagine Belfast Festival on the topic "Democracy at the Crossroads". This is a full-length lecture that addresses various myths about democracy, citizens' assemblies and digital democracy.

Full video available here.


EEA 2021, New York

Dr. Fuller speaking at the Eastern Economic Association (EEA), presenting the paper Power Before People: The Global Crisis of the Faux Democracy Industry and Its Consequences. The paper examines funding patterns of NGO-activity in areas related to democracy.


Full video available here.


Brave New World, NL

Dr. Fuller speaking on the future of democracy at the Brave New World conference, broadcast from The Netherlands with speakers from around the world. 


More information on Brave New World available here.


Bern, Switzerland

Dr. Fuller speaking on the "The Future of Democracy" panel at the Global Forum for Modern Direct Democracy organised by Democracy International.

Full video available here.


New York, USA

Dr. Fuller in conversation with Prof. Beth Simone Noveck at the GovLab at NYU Tandon for the Future of Democracy Working Group.

The topic of the talk, which Dr. Fuller joined via Zoom, was "Why We Need Direct Digital Democracy Today".

Full video available here.


Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany

Dr. Fuller speaking on the topic of "Democracy and Citizen Participation" at the "Science, Technology & Ethics" series organised by the Protestant Students' Association in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, where Dr. Fuller learned German.


Democracy Day Belfast

Dr. Fuller giving a talk on involving people in local politics at the 2019 Belfast Democracy Day.


Battle of Ideas, London

Dr. Fuller speaking at a panel debate on the topic of  "From Referendums to Citizens' Assemblies: Does Democracy Need a Makeover?" at the 2019 Battle of Ideas in London.

A full recording of the debate is available here


Imagine! Belfast 2018

Dr. Fuller speaking to a network of civil society organisations on the topic of deliberation and citizens' assemblies as part of Democracy Day at the Belfast Imagine! Festival 2018.


Colby College, Maine

Dr. Fuller debating the future of democracy with Prof. Benjamin Page and Prof. Peter Levine at the 2017 William R. and Linda K. Cotter Debate at Colby College, Maine, USA.


ECAS, Brussels

Dr. Fuller speaking about Youth Engagement in Politics as part of the debate on Rejuvenating Europe: Opportunities in the Digital World at Digital Democracy Day, organised by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), Brussels (2017).


ASSA 2016, San Francisco

Dr. Fuller presenting her paper "'Enclosing the Democratic Commons: Private Organizations and the Legislative Process'" at the 2016 Allied Social Sciences Association conference in San Francisco.


WAPE, Johannesburg

Dr. Fuller speaking on Conceptual Challenges for Political Economy and Democracy at the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE) annual conference in Johannesburg, South Africa (2015).

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ASSA 2015, Boston

Dr. Fuller presenting her paper "Electoral Regimes and Socio-Economic Inequality: Factors Exacerbating the Crisis" at the 2015 Allied Social Sciences Association conference in Boston.


Russian Society, TCD

Dr. Fuller speaking about Democracy for a Multipolar World at the invitation of the Trinity College Dublin (TCD) Russian Society


When Citizens Assemble, Glasgow

Dr. Fuller speaking at a public screening of When Citizens Assemble, a documentary about the Irish Citizens' assembly and other modern democratic practices at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

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Red Cross Conference, Dublin

Dr. Fuller presenting her paper "Paradigm Lost: Conflating Terrorism and Conflict to Circumvent International Law" at the 2013 Contemporary Challenges in International Humanitarian Law conference, organised by the Irish Red Cross.

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